Guess Where We Live Now?

Oh yes the rumor is true.
We Peppers have made a move!

Check out the photos below
–if you really want to know–
’cause each one offers a clue.

Obviously you’re not here for the poetry.

Guidelines to the game:
Check out the clues.
Write your guess in the comments section.
Within the week I’ll reveal this new mystery place.
Everyone’s a winner yadayada. No prizes, no rules. Just have fun.

This place is famous for these.

One is likely to walk through a gate that looks like this…

Gates of Italy

up stairs that look like these…

and on sidewalks that look like those below.

One would find charming architecture that looks like this…

in stunning towns that look like those!

These things grow in great abundance here, and are sold…

at markets like this one

and this one.

One could find funky stuff like this…

American Tape fixes all your problems

and yummy stuff like that!

Street vending machines sell these!

Walk through any neighborhood on any given day, and see this!

Alas, the coastline looks like this…breathtaking.

Have you figured it out? Write your response in the comment section below!

Thanks for playing. 😍

Update June 16, 2019

We now live on the Ligurian Coast of Italy. It’s also called the Italian Riviera and the Italian Riviera of Flowers. We’re only about 20 kilometers to the French border. Bellissimo!

I’ll be writing more about the area in the months to come. Stay tuned amici. 😘

View of Bordighera, Italia


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