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Dusky, Durable Durango

Dusky, Durable Durango

It took me a while to shake off those last moments in New Mexico. I very much welcomed the Welcome to Colorado sign.


Colorado Ranch CR

Map_Taos to DurangoDurango is nestled in the Animas River Valley surrounded by the San Juan Mountains. It’s almost as if it’s being hugged with sublime fresh air by those mountains. This is a great spot for the outdoor enthusiast. Check out Durango’s website to see all you can do and be all you can be.

Because we took more than ample time meandering our way through the mountains to Durango, we arrived quite late in the afternoon minimizing our daylight exploration.

With a population of 17,000, Durango feels like the contemporary, wild west with pristine, Victorian buildings lining what one would expect to be a bustling but was instead quite composed, Main Ave. It was calm.  My mind went to paradoxes and then conjured up a story about a notorious double-fisted, six-shooter outlaw blazing into Durango all rage and fire and upon hitting Main Street having a mystical metamorphosis rendering him paralyzed to the ease of this town. This killer-robber-gunslinger lazily ambles down Main Street stopping long enough to say howdy to a few strangers, while helping needy children build an orphanage and departs but not before he assists old ladies across the street and finds a home for stray puppies.

Maybe somewhere in the recesses of my psyche I knew about the Stockton Gang, cattle rustlers, who terrorized northern New Mexico but who came into Durango presenting as prosperous, gentlemen cowboys.

We stayed at the Travelodge on 2970 Main Ave, 30th and Main Avenue in Durango. Nothing spectacular. The folks running the joint were friendly. The room was clean and tidy, dog-friendly, of course. The beds could have been more comfortable, but for the affordability, we got what we paid for. Stella liked it!

Vegan Food
With the cooler climate, we were ready for Thai, and that’s what we got at the Sizzling Siam! Located at 519 1/2 Main Street, this quick food locale, a diner, if you will, was tasty enough and cheap. The service was friendly. We sat outside in what felt like being along the side of a building, probably because we were sitting along the side of the building. Facing the lovely courtyard and Crepe place added life to our bland ambiance.


Why should I obtain by force that which I can obtain by cheating?
~ Doc Holiday

The bigger a man’s gun the smaller his doodlewick.
~ Calamity Jane

If you get to thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else’s dog around.
~Will Rogers


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