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Getting to Know Us

We are the Peppers: Scott, Kenda, and Stella.

Come, back your bags and join us on this adventure, a journey called life or freedom or something of the sort.

To learn more about us, go to the Unabridged Version.


  I’m Kenda CWO, CPO, CGOO, and CCO.  That’s Chief Writing Officer, Chief Photography Officer, Chief Goof-Off Officer and Chief Creativity Officer, respectively.

Scott Pepper at your service.  Scott is the Chief Research and Development Guru, Reader of anything “retirement early,” Lord of Leisure, Communicator to Inanimate Peoples, Master Bean Maker and all-around fun guy but not fungi.

Stella at New Leaf in Santa Cruz

Meet Stella, aka Punkin, Stretchy Girl, and Baby Girlfriend.

You can read all about us by clicking the Unabridged Saga here.

Hangin' in Mexico
Hangin’ in Mexico

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If you find yourself needing something – anything from Amazon like a Sigmund Freud action figure or a Mr. Jones Adult Size Plush Horse Hop Ball Hopper (this is not a dirty toy I swear) or giant goggly eyes or a thumb piano, please go through my site.

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  1. Dione Smith

    Hi, just checking that this is your blog? It looksis awesome. I bumped into you in Menton today with the broken ankle. Msg me back if it’s u. Hard to tell with our masks on.
    Dione and kayley

  2. Brian Montgomery

    Kenda, haven’t heard from you in a few weeks and I see you are completely off FB. I hope you are doing ok. We are managing back here in PA. I’m staying out sick until things get a little safer. My family is well.

    1. Ciao amico mio and thanks for checking in. I realize I was only going to take a couple days off of FB, but I’ve extended that by a week+ because I needed to create some space for myself. I do plan to return and to keep better boundaries as not to allow myself to get overwhelmed again. I’m so glad to see your family is well and that you can take leave and stay out of this mess. I really appreciate your reaching out. Grazie mille, Brian!

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