Sanctuary One & 54 Reasons I’m Vegan: Numbers 4-11

Friday, a Pygmy Goat at S1

Sanctuary One It was already about 80 degrees with a high expected of nearly 100 when we arrived at the gate one  bright albeit scorching Saturday morning. Southern Oregon ain’t …

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International Homeless Animal Day & 54 Reasons I’m Vegan: Numbers 1 – 3

Reason #3 Dogs

Today, August 20, has been designated to honor a special demographic: homeless animals. International Homeless Animal Day (IHAD) was conceived by ISAR (International Society for Animal Rights) to illuminate the …

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Dear United Airlines, We Need to Talk

United Airlines

To: United Airlines Re: Flight 5456 SFO to MFR/Ms. Grumpy Knickers Date: July 5, 2016 Dear United Airlines, Her name was Ms. Grumpy Knickers. On July 5, I had the unfortunate …

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Lenny the Pup: Update

Lenny the pup

Good news for this pooch Lenny has a new 4ever home! Yay! Here’s the scoop If you haven’t been following the drama, read the full story here. For the past …

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To the Guy Who Dumped Lenny

Lenny the Pup

We found him on our morning walk yesterday. He was hanging out across the street from the trail that leads to the cemetery on Pair a Dice Ranch Road. When …

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An Open Letter to Charter Communications

Charter Communications

Dear Charter, Dear Dear Dear Charter. Where do I begin? How about deforestation? Because that is what you’re contributing to with the endless paper bills you mail out to your …

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