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Welcome*Bienvenue*Kalos*Benvenuto*Kia Ora*G’day*Bienvenido

Welcome*Bienvenue*Kalos*Benvenuto*Kia Ora*G’day*Bienvenido

We met Champ at the local coffee shop.

We hope to post some fun things on our new blog as we make our travels throughout Australia and New Zealand. We will have the least opportunity of having computer access while we’re in New Zealand from December 4-20.

Enjoy! xo


  1. G’day loves – so fabulous to be traveling with you to a destination on my “must do” list of places! Sounds fantastic! I so envy you and your LONG travels across the globe. Will catch up with you after your return to the states. Enjoy your travels mates!

  2. Kenda and Scott, I am so jealous but glad to be with you during the holidays. I will travel vicariously through you. Kenda I just got your e-mail from Nov. 13. The answer is 5 on top and 4 on the bottom. Joe says thanks for the e-card and we say thanks for the calendar. What about Switzerland.

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