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Rambling and Ambling through England

Rambling and Ambling through England

I had work in London and Paris resulting in very few touristic activities for me. This is an abridged post highlighting some of the places we explored along with lodging and food information.


Pigeon directions


Wow. England in April is divine. The air was crisp and fresh while brilliant colors added a spark to my gait. London is one of those thrilling cities. It’s hyper and classy, alive and vibrant.

When I had time to goof off, we hung out at St. James Park where we checked out Buckingham Palace. We ambled along the Thames scoping out the Tower of London and through Covent Garden and Soho so-hoaking in the sights and the interesting people.

While I was toiling away and earning my keep, Scott explored Hyde Park, Kensingston, and Greenwich. We had a frenetic drive on the Friday of Easter weekend to Brandon in the Suffolk region to visit Scott’s sweet Aunt and later a trip to Southend-On-Sea to visit some cousins.

Check out this site detailing the free museums of London.


We lodged on the north side of Heathrow in Hillingdon at the Sheraton Skyline (a company chosen hotel), because that was most convenient for the job I was doing. Otherwise we would not have stayed at a chain hotel let alone an American one in a foreign country. I mean, c’mon, when in England wouldn’t it be cool to hunker down in a charming little inn in an out-of-the way alley and maybe with a pub attached? While in Southend, we stayed at an awesome little hotel called the Roslin Beach Hotel in Thorpe Bay.


We had no problem finding vegetarian and even vegan food in London or Paris. Our favorite place in London was Food for Thought on Neal Street in Covent Garden, but we also had a couple great meals in Hillingdon (near the hotel) at Zayani Restaurant. There’s a fab site for finding tons of vegan options (food, lodging, etc): Vegan London.

Where are your favorite veg restaurants in London?
Please share in the comments below.

Enjoy the video – England – the Movie. Get a tour of London, Suffolk and Southend in less than 2 minutes.



Oh, to be in England now that April’s there.
~Robert Browning

England and America are two countries separated by the same language.
~George Bernard Shaw

The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world.
~Oscar Wilde


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