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The Southernmost Tip of Africa

The Southernmost Tip of Africa

Southernmost Tip of Africa

The Southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet was our resting place on the 2nd night of this journey. The dramatic, rugged, windswept coastline with its incredible scrub offers a weary visitor a place of tranquility. And there, we planted our own four feet, on the Southernmost tip of Africa.

The drive here, called the Whale Coast (because December – June the Right Whales come to birth their babies), took us through The Overberg towns of Hermanus, Gansbaai and Pearly Beach where we stopped for a peanut butter sandwich luncheon overlooking kelp beds washing up on white sandy shores. We then took a wrong turn that 1) was a gorgeous gravel road nestled in a bucolic landscape dotted with active birdlife and 2) an accidental shortcut.

Our drive to Alguhas

Standing on the southernmost tip of South Africa at Cape Alguhas

There we stood where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet – the southernmost tip of South Africa

The Lighthouse at Cape Alguhas – 2R/person to climb

lighthouse at Cape Agulhas
The lighthouse at Cape Agulhas – standing at the windy top

Agulhas National Park Restcamp

Chalet #8 - Alguhas Restcamp
Chalet #8 – Alguhas Restcamp

We stayed at the Agulhas National Park Restcamp, chalet #8 approximately $90.00/US. If hindsight really is 20-20 then our perfect vision would have included an additional night’s stay at this place.

Cleanliness: 6
Not one issue. Our chalet was in stellar condition.

General Accommodations: 6
Wow. We were blown away by this place. We had what we believe to be the best chalet, #8, at the end of the line. But visitor beware, they are building two more, which I assume will be #9 and 10. This chalet was amazing, one of my favorite places of lodging anywhere. With plenty of space between cabins, we had ample privacy hearing only the ocean and birds.

General Environs: 6
Perfect setting. Quiet. Sea and sky. Need we say much more? We love Love LOve LOVe LOVE this place. Promptly after unloading the car, we set out to explore the area. The marine-green sea was rich with kelp beds, Cormorants flapping wildly overhead, waves competing for loudest splash and brilliant white sand. I saw some of the most unique shells and rocks I’ve ever seen in my life. The vegetation is called Fynbos which is a distinctive type of vegetation found only on the southern tip of Africa. It includes a wide range of plant species, particularly small heatherlike trees and shrubs.

A maze-like trail, The Two Oceans Hiking Trail, was settled against the rugged sea and  wrapped perfectly like a beautiful gift by the desert scrub. This beach was pristine compared to many others we’ve visited. And still, we stumbled upon and picked up the bits of rubbish that found their way into dried kelp beds. The ugly litter paled in comparison to the unique shells and perfectly round rocks.

Exploring Alguhas Beach

The rocky beach in front of our chalet. The rocks are really THAT orange!

And then there came the sunset. Aye dios mio. We could hardly believe our good fortune to be at this place, one of the most stunning we’ve ever visited.  Sitting on a deck in cool winds watching the calm sky turn peach to orange to tomato red with slivers of smack-you-in-the-face orange peering through wisps of turquoise sky and eggplant purple clouds.

A sunset view from our deck…wow.
A sunset view from our deck…wow.


Meet me where the sky touches the sea. Wait for me where the world begins.
~Jennifer Donnelly

I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse.
They were built only to serve.
~George Bernard Shaw


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