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It’s Always Sunny and 82 in Edmonds, WA

It’s Always Sunny and 82 in Edmonds, WA

At least this is how the affable Mayor of Edmonds, Dave Earling, will respond when asked how things are going, “It’s always sunny and 82.” I had a most serendipitous encounter with Mayor Earling outside of the Starbucks on fetching Main Street. He graciously took some time from his busy day to sit and chat with me and Scott about his lovely city.

Downtown Edmonds Washington

Scott and I have since decided that Edmonds is not the town for us; not because of the Mayor, but because it’s larger than what we’re aiming for. If anything, Dave (we’ve advanced to a first name basis since the last paragraph) increased our intrigue about Edmonds. If you want a lively and charming Seattle suburb (with a commuter rail btw) then Edmonds may very well be the perfect fit for you. We, on the other hand, are looking for the smaller version of Edmonds.

Mayor Dave of Edmonds Washington
Meet Dave Earling, Mayor of Edmonds

When asked about sustainable practices in Edmonds, Dave shared how the town council has worked diligently to preserve the downtown area and that there is a Mayor’s committee focused on sustainability. Edmonds is working with builders who are interested in green construction and Edmonds was on the cutting edge of the plastic bag ban. They are developing policies around rain gardens and through a community solar project have solar energy platforms at the Francis Anderson Center (Parks and Rec Dept). Dave stated how there is a “real awareness throughout the Puget Sound” and folks know they must take control of the environmental situation.  IMO everyone could follow the lead of Bainbridge Island and eliminate pesticides, and taking that one step further, weed killers. These pollutants along with PCB’s and DDT are continually found in the necropsies of marine mammals. For more information on the threats and advocates of Puget Sound, click here. For now, leaders in Edmonds and other cities around the sound are innovating ways to help the sound. Check here to see what Edmonds is doing to restore the marsh ultimately helping the sound and her finned inhabitants.

Edmonds, Center for the Arts

Aiming to create vibrancy in the city of Edmonds, Mayor Dave and his team have succeeded by building Edmonds’ reputation as a cultural mecca of art and music (my words). Along with the stunning and modern new Center for the Arts, Edmonds hosts the second largest arts festival in the state, and it has a sophisticated community chorale, a dance centre, a ballet academy, and is currently reviving an eye sore of a plaza adding topnotch restaurants and a distillery housing 300-400 artisan brews. Cafes, restaurants, and a brimming calendar of arts and culture; it’s all right here at Edmonds.

The oldest city in Snohomish County, Edmonds has outdoor vibrancy as well. Open space in the form of parks, trails and coastline and a section of the beach area called OLAE designated for off leash dog romping.

But don’t expect to fish or go clamming or pocket seashells while visiting Edmonds. All the beaches are marine sanctuaries protected from the takers of the world. Yes, in Edmonds, folks are relegated to simply enjoying the beach, the beautiful tide pools, and the swimmy fish without snatching anything from its home and proclaiming unwarranted ownership. Well done, Edmonds, for being stewards of the earth.

Town Comparison Criteria Spreadsheet

Edmonds Criteria

*The criteria details are explained on the first post of this series.

 Haikus for Edmonds

Edmonds oh Edmonds
offering arts and beauty
Can you hear the sound?

Center for the Arts
The vibrant city, Edmonds
go out there and play

The question we are frequently asked:
Where are you going to live?

We remain undecided despite the many fantabulous places we visited on this Poetic Passage through Pacific Northwest Washington. Looks like we still have some Oregon to explore again before making up our minds. We may be homeless in a couple of months, but we’re still having fun.


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