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Lenny the Pup: Update

Lenny the Pup: Update

Good news for this pooch

Lenny has a new 4ever home!

Lenny the pup

Here’s the scoop

If you haven’t been following the drama, read the full story here.

For the past seven days, the shelter (Jackson County Animal Shelter) sequestered Lenny from the public while they evaluated him and took care of medical needs (shots, neuter, etc). We visited a few times but were unable to see him. On Monday afternoon, the shelter phoned to tell us Lenny was officially up for adoption and in the public viewing area. Yay!

Less than one hour later, I returned the call asking if I could stop by on Tuesday to snap more photos to share with prospective new parents (and selfishly spend some time with him). That’s when they informed me someone already scooped Lenny up. You see, Lenny is THAT special. He was in the public/adopt-me area and in 10 minutes (literally TEN minutes) someone felt the love and wanted this adorable, lively, spirited, silly boy to be a part of the family. The only thing I know about Lenny’s new parent is that he’s a guy. The shelter gave him my number, so hopefully he’ll call. I’d like to give Lenny a proper farewell smooch on that cute nose.

A big thank you to everyone who shared the post and/or expressed your concern. Lenny’s post had a wide circulation in one week’s time. Folks from all over were lending a virtual helping hand. Man. This social media thing can be so fantabulously awwwsome. BTW: The dumper is still at large.

Lenny profile
Look at those ginormous paws

A Haiku Message for the Guy Who Dumped Lenny

You. Yes, I mean you
Takes a hard soul to abuse
I will not forget

Some Haiku Messages for Lenny

Hey there baby boy
Sure love your outrageous joy
Glad someone found you

Hey lucky human
To walk in at that moment
Glad you’re rescued too

Heartstrings tugged gently
Such a tender little break
Just one more good-bye?

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    1. Kenda

      Hopefully I can put some jam on that toast while I’m reading beneath the lamppost. I hope his new doggydaddy keeps Lenny. It suits him. But he can also call him Benny as that’s the first name that popped into my head when we met him. It morphed into Lenny. And not only because I love Lenny Kravitz.

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