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Farewell 2019, Hello 2020!

Farewell 2019, Hello 2020!

It’s a New Year, a New Decade, and Another Opportunity to Begin Anew

This, our 13th Annual Photo Montage, is a review of the incredible year we had in 2019. The lengthy activity of going through all my photos is my way of reflecting on and processing the past twelve months. Selecting and creating the montage, to me, ignites my creativity and is a blast. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.

Dolce Vita

Fifteen years ago I met the love of my life, and in lieu of having children, he promised me a life of travel. And wow! Have we traveled! After selling most of our worldly possessions and moving out of Oregon (end of 2018), in January we left the west coast for good, traveled across the US, spent time setting up residency in Florida and hanging with my bestie, received a letter from a therapist to have an Emotional Support Animal (Stella), flew across the vast Atlantic Ocean (March) with Stella in the cabin (because she was my ESA), landed in Lisbon, drove across Portugal, Spain, and France, and arrived in Italy to the dolce vita. Whew!

We are now happily residing in Liguria, a stunning region nestled between the Mediterranean and the Maritime Alps near the French border in northwest Italy. We became legal residents in spring and have had sensational adventures exploring the area. I also had the very good fortune of being gifted a trip to the UAE to visit a very dear friend. I’ll be writing a post on that shortly.

Thank you

for reading my blog and for watching my videos! Because it was a big year, our 2019 photo montage is 9.5 minutes. I added some fun elements tho, including new music, so yay! ?

As we embark upon this new year and new decade, may we all find some peace during the tumultuous times and capture the sparks of joy when good things happen.


  1. Antonia K Fokken

    I love seeing the year through your eyes. What a year you guys had. It is beautiful! I love the music you chose and the playfulness of the slideshow. Your spirit comes out in in!

    1. Grazie mille, Nancy! We didn’t walk all five towns (weather and such), but we walked a lot – several hours a day and on some very steep paths. So, yes, there is intense hiking in a T-mal’s future for those who want it!

      Buon Anno, Nancy, to you and your loved ones (Henry included, of course!)! Cheers to you and your ankle! ?

  2. Ann Stockwell

    Loved the Photo Montage! Got my morning coffee and enjoyed the show. Looks like there is much joy in your life. Fantastico! I can’t wait to see you and the family in February. Here’s to Dolce Vita!

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