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November 2, 2008 – More of the Sanctuary

November 2, 2008 – More of the Sanctuary

A busy schedule we had today. Massage at 10:00 and a pedicure at 4:00. I was up early about 5:30 again. Such a life of luxury!  I promptly set out to take photos. The bird life here at the Sanctuary isn’t quite as plentiful as some of the other places. I was stalking an interesting navy blue bird that made several (at least 4) different and very unique calls. I’m guessing, because I’ve seen many of the these birds, that they would be the parallel to the crow only with more interesting sounds…and with an iridescent dark blue feathering.Scott let himself sleep in today, so we had our coffee at 8:00. Yes, I’m drinking coffee on this vacation. I was so eager for my massage that I didn’t want to plan anything else beforehand, so I hung out as close to homebase as possilbe. This is the first massage I had since Heron Island in ’06. I walked, camera in hand, trying to capture the Orange-Barred Sulpher Butterfly that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I nearly fell on the rough trail walking to the spa. I was met by a beautiful, smiling woman named Jerlene. She was young, Indian-looking, with low straight teeth.

Orange-Barred Sulpher Butterfly
Orange-Barred Sulpher Butterfly

I explained that I wanted a gentle massage, yet there seemed to be a lot of knots in my back…surprise after that drive. She worked hard to get those out. I knew I would be sore later. I was. I needed it. Scott arrived for his massage as I was leaving. I warned him to make sure it was gentle, because he’s very sensitive about his back and she’s very strong for a petite woman!

We prematurely arrived for the Costa Rican ‘Typico’ dinner at 6:30. Harry was there and chatted with us for a while. They made me a special vegan plate…it was okay. I preferred just eating chips and salsa (fab salsa and guac!) and I did a fine job stuffing my face for the short duration of C&S supply. Our meal was about $50.00. Had I known that in advance, I would’ve insisted on soley an unlimited supply of chips and salsa. We wanted to do the salsa dancing at 8:30, so we went to our place and returned. People were still eating, and they were playing great music! So we just danced by ourselves outside the restaurant. They played our song Mulata! Okay, our song is about a half breed. There are no rules about the content of a couple’s song. We watched Dinner Rush – the DVD. I borrowed it from Francisco at the convenience store. I stayed awake until 11:00! After several consecutive nights of a 9:00-9:30 bedtime, that was quite a feat! Oh…and the sky offered us a stunning quarter moon that shone brightly over the ocean. It was a good day.

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