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Playa Pan de Azucar – November 3, 2008

Playa Pan de Azucar – November 3, 2008

Hanging Hotel Sugar Beach
Hanging out at Hotel Sugar Beach

Of course we had to take a roadtrip today. Scott didn’t want to break his ‘rest 2 days and travel 1 day’ habit. So, we hit the road around 10:00 am.

Playa Pan de Azucar is translated to Beach of Sugar Bread. We had to take that long rough road out of the sanctuary toward Marbella and through Lagarto and Junquillal eventually ending up in Tamarindo for gift shopping and lunch….and in search of fins and a hat for me; which we found. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant where the kitchen was somewhere else far away. Our waiter mysteriously appeared and disappeared throughout the ordeal. The chips, salsa and guacamole were fabulous but my vegetarian meal of white rice and what appeared to be boiled frozen veggies…ah…not so good. Then off we were toward Conchal (beeeautiful white beach), Brasilito, Potrero and finally the worst road ever to Playa Sugar Bread. We continue to surmise that the really good places are way out there and a challenge to find.

Chillin' at Sunset with Pringles
Chillin’ at Sunset with Pringles
Playa Pan Sunset
Playa Pan de Azucar at Sunset
sunset at Playa Pan de Azucar
Another spectacular sunset

It took us two trips on the really bad road to find Hotel Sugar Beach. What a delight and so worth the trouble! Once again, we arrived with just a short time to catch the sunset. Sitting on beach chairs, doing our thing with a beer and Ruffles chips, witnessing yet another of nature’s vibrant masterpieces.

This place is yummy and not just because it has the word ‘Sugar’ in its name. Our door had a peacock engraved on it. I thought of Kelly, who loved peacocks, and wondered if she was sending me some energy from beyond. Oh so tranquillo is Hotel Sugar Beach!We ate some junk food, saw some iguanas and then headed to the bar for a bite to eat. Julio, our server was only 21. A local guy and cute as pie. Dark skin, dark tight curls and a smile a mile wide. He was sharing his adventures and experiences regarding a Tico alcohol, Guaro the ‘crazy maker’. He made me a girl’s drink: Pina Colada. He made it without cow’s milk (which I recently discovered that most coladas here in CR are made with cow’s milk as the staple ingredient, huh?) and put coconut milk instead. Of course that’s how it should be, right? I envisioned Americans come in there “hey, put some milk in there…not that amazing and healthy kind from a coconut but the kind that is sure to give me congestive heart failure, yes, that’s it, the one from a cow.” Doh. Our Julio checked frequently to see if things were ‘Buona’. I like that about Tico customer service. They really want things to be Buona.

We saw a huge frog on our dark walk back to the room. Scott was afraid of it. Maybe he was afraid to step on it. No…nope…I think he was afraid of the frog.

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