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The Gig is Up, Gig Harbor

The Gig is Up, Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor
Gig Harbor Haikus

Crossing the Narrows
We saw malls and a Hummer
not quite our style

Boats and yachts for sale
Despite the fetching harbor
That gig is so up

Gig Harbor
The Gig Harbor guide details the history, restaurants, calendar of events, and leisure activities in Gig Harbor. Despite some of the pros of Gig Harbor, like the pretty and calm waterfront, we decided fairly early on that Gig Harbor is not the place for us.

Town Comparison Criteria Spreadsheet*
Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor Criteria


*The criteria details are explained on the first post of this series.

Inn at Gig Harbor
3211 56th St. NW Gig Harbor

Rated 1 – 6 (high)
Cleanliness (floor, bathroom, bedding): 6
General Accommodations (comfort, space, service, amenities): 5
General Environs (location, quiet, nearby restaurants): 3

This dog-friendly hotel was overall a decent lodging. The room was large, the beds, albeit slightly on the firm side, were comfy, it was clean, and it came with a fridge, microwave and Keurig machine (aka a decadent device of delicious waste). Add to it the front desk guy, John, was fabulous – very friendly and helpful. But the hotel itself feels like it’s been around for awhile, but not in an historic, charming way. It is located two miles from downtown, so getting to the harbor meant getting in the car.

Room Tip:
The highway side may offer slightly better views of trees, but Highway 16 is RIGHT there and trucks are running on that sucker all night. Get a room on the non-highway side of the hotel.

Vegan Wanderlust in Gig Harbor
It wasn’t exactly easy to find vegetarian fare in this fair town. First off, we arrived after 7:00 and it appeared Gig Harbor was essentially closed for the night. To the town’s credit, it was a Monday night. We found our way to Tides Tavern  and gobbled up their chickpea veggie burgers and fries. The food was slightly above mediocre but hit the spot because we were muy hungry. One suggestion we didn’t try, because it’s not right at the harbor where we preferred to dine, was Green.House Restaurant. But besides vegetarian pasta and salads, there is not much by way of vegetarian there either. Another option is El Pueblito at the harbor. One can always find vegetarian at a Mexican restaurant, but because we eat bean and rice burritos nearly five nights a week, I. just. couldn’t. go. there.


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