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The Not-So-Slick Limerick of Bainbridge Island

The Not-So-Slick Limerick of Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island, a community of less than 23,000 people on 28 square miles, exhales natural beauty, open space, history, local shops and a community that supports artistic endeavors. Here are thirteen reasons you should never move to Bainbridge Island by the clever .

My not-so-slick Bainbridge limerick

We drew to a place, an island
So clean and pristine, like Wyland
Poured rain quite a smidge
Felt keen for Bainbridge
Our time, pissed away, just smilin’

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Map

Bainbridge seems like a writerly kind of place. In addition to the local bookstore, Eagle Harbor Book Co.’s annual limerick (!!) contest, the island has an active writers’ community called Field’s End and an annual poetry contest hosted by the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council and detailed on the Bainbridge Island Review.

I wrote to the The Field’s End folks seeking information about Bainbridge-related poems, and they pointed me in the direction of public poetry in three locations near downtown. The hubster and I went on a poetic scavenger hunt and only found the poetry at the Aquatic Center at 8521 Madison Ave N.

Well Earth Well Me! now represents at the Eagle Harbor Book Co. I also took the liberty of entering their limerick contest. After all, the theme this year is The Places We Call Home. Here’s what I created one night instead of sleeping:

We search far and wide for a home
By land, sea and air do we roam
From east to the west
We write of this quest
And now the damn blog is a tome

Can hardly stop myself. How’s about a Bainbridge Haiku or two?

Town and Country rocks
A selection above all
organic bliss kiss

Pups in banks and shops
Wagging expressions of joy
We miss our Stella

Town Comparison Criteria Spreadsheet*
Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

*The criteria details are explained on the first post of this series.

Best Western Bainbridge Island Suites
350 NE High School Road

Rated 1 – 6 (high)
Cleanliness (floor, bathroom, bedding): 6
General Accommodations (comfort, space, service, amenities): 6
General Environs (location, quiet, nearby restaurants): 5

The Best Western Bainbridge Island Suites is one of the best Best Westerns in the west. Our very spacious room was super comfy (bed still slightly firm for my cushy needs – pillow tops are not all created equally) and came with a kitchenette that had, get ready for it, actual coffee grounds – both caff and decaf. The shower was sprinkalicious. For dog people, there is a dog relief area behind the hotel where the dogs can get relief from their annoying humans. If you walk back there at night, stop for a moment and listen to the frogs as they echo their glorious songs in the protected wetlands.

Vegan Wanderlust in Bainbridge Island
Not lacking dining options, Bainbridge Island will meet your eating needs. Let me rephrase, Bainbridge Island will meet our vegetarian needs, in particular, my vegan needs. We had dinner at Emmy’s Vege House at 100 Winslow Way. Delish. We had fresh spring rolls, curry soup and tofu sauté. Nearly getting another entree, we were told that adding an entree would be too much food for us. What other food establishment will put the customer’s needs above their own sales? Emmy’s VegeHouse was delectable. My mouth did the tastebud tango and all for $18.00. This outdoor vegan establishment has been around for 17 years. When I asked Emmy the reason for her running a vegan restaurant? Because she doesn’t want to cause harm to any animal, no matter how big or small. I love Emmy.

I had to grab a piece of vegan chocolate applesauce cake at Blackbird Bakery located at 210 Winslow Way East. So glad I did, too. Y.U.M. Besides the occasional soup, bummerly, this was their only vegan option.


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