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Fall to Winter in Jacksonville Oregon

Fall to Winter in Jacksonville Oregon

Fall in Jacksonville Oregon

This is where we’re hanging now, Jacksonville, Oregon. Located just north of the California border, we clearly didn’t get that far from California, and we also didn’t get the memo about the climate which has proven to be very different with fall being more fall’ish and winters more wintery. As we approach the bounties of spring with great anticipation for warmer days, I would be remiss to not illustrate these seasonal differences via photos and Haiku or as I like to call it Photographaiku. I just made that up.

It’s impossible
to not feel completely charmed
by J-ville’s fall gems

Autumn reminds us
to wind back clocks and also
winding down to see

How the colors here
can lift a heavy-hearted
soul to feel lighter

Were it not for fall
one may forget that all things
can burst with brilliance

Each and every leaf
has a moment of glory
blazing and dazzling

View from Jacksonville Cemetery
View from Jacksonville Cemetery

Come closer my spring
I have a secret to share
Winter, time to go now

snow in Jacksonville

Cemetery pics?
Nope. Expect to get busted
and not by dead folks

Snowflakes on J-ville
many pointed beauties glide
gently then vanish

Hot Damn! It’s cold here.
Go inside, light a fire
Can I have your gloves?

You’re my kind of Spring
Come a little bit closer
warm weather you bring

Just bust a move March
On a mission and wishin’
Cure chilled conditions

Stella the Winter Dog
Stella the Winter Dog

Photos n’ such. Please ask for permission if you are interested in using any of the photos or my outrageously stellar and highly popular Haikus for your own publication.

Of all the seasons, winter is the most conducive to the great art of dormancy. This art requires an appreciation of semi-consciousness: the beautiful and necessary prelude to sleep – a special pleasure in itself that is all too often neglected, under-valued or looked down upon.
~Michael Leunig

Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, creeds follow one another, but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons, a possession for all eternity.
~Oscar Wilde

I need the seasons to live to the rhythm of rain and sun.
~Sophie Marceau



  1. LENA


    1. Kenda

      You were spot on with the Photographaiku!

      I know, right? Well, here’s the deal. I can take landscape-type photos of the cemetery and also of individual tombstones as long as the people are not zombies, and I cannot take photographs of people/graves unknown to me that are less than 50 years. BUT anything that is to be published (like on a blog) must have a permit. Frankly, all these rules are a deterrant for photographers coming for a visit.

      After some digging, I found all the real rules (there are a LOT):

      It really would not be a big deal were I not utterly scolded by a snide’ish keeper-of-the-dead guy. I had no idea of the rules having come from a trail and not the entrance of the cemetery (where supposedly the rules are hung but not in an easily visible place to the common cemetery walker). Thar you have it. I suspect readers will be hearing more about this in future posts.

      Thanks for your shared reeling, albeit a little! 😉

      1. There are strange things afoot at the Jacksonville Cemetery. Maybe paintings are allowed, if done after noon, but before 5, like during a Leap Year or something, as long as no one depicted in the painting has visible black eyeliner?

            1. Kenda

              Totally. It’s really the only reason I get up in the morning.

              Good point. I’m going to think twice the next time I’m snarky with a ghost. It’d be a big bummer to not get invited to their parties post-mortem.

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