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Holiday Gift Ideas: Save Money, Help the Earth, and Support this Blog!

Holiday Gift Ideas: Save Money, Help the Earth, and Support this Blog!

Besides being an affiliate with Amazon (see sidebar for Amazon Product Search), I’m now also an affiliate with Eifrig Publishing and KNÜTES Innovative Outdoor Gear. Each of these helps me raise a little money to cover some of the costs associated with operating a blog. Two of them, see below, offer you a 10% discount!

If you’re looking for gifts, I’d be immensely grateful if you’d check out Eifrig Publishing, Knütes, and Amazon.

Eifrig Publishing

As you may know, my children’s book, Well Earth Well Me!, was published by Eifrig. With a sustainable approach to publishing and a mission that’s  Good for our kids, Good for our earth, Good for our communities, Good Books, it’s a consumer win-win. You receive quality books while your purchase supports a sustainable company and authors who are trying to make the world a better place. AND you receive a 10% discount!

Here’s a quick preview of twelve of the nearly 60 children’s books available at Eifrig Publishing:

Here’s how it works:

Go to Eifrig’s site, order your favorite books, and when you check out, give the code TRAVELS&TRIPS. You’ll receive your 10% discount, and I receive a 10% commission.

Would you like a free sneak peek of the children’s books offered by Eifrig? Check out the books on MagicBlox, an online kid’s e-book library. Use the coupon code EIFRIGPUB to get the first month of a Book Worm pass (unlimited access to all books $4.99) FREE or a $4.99 discount on a Butterfly Pass ($38.00 unlimited access to books for a year). You can also get the Ladybug Access Pass (1 book a month) for free.


The goal of Knütes is “To develop practical, functional, and environmentally sound outdoor and sports wear for both young and old.”  They make gear from recycled plastic bottles, so not only are they reducing the amount of plastic that goes into landfills (yes, it’s an illusion that your plastic is recycled because 91% of it goes to landfills), but they have quality outdoor clothing for children and adults alike.

They also have cool items like personalized blankets…

Knütes reuses plastic bottles to make cool products like this personalized blanket!

and this Mandrill Micro Fleece Mummy Bag!

Wanna save the earth AND stay warm? Knütes is the solution!

When you shop Knütes, I earn a 10% commission! Woot! And like Amazon (starting out at 4%), there are no added fees to you, BUT with Knütes you win too with a 10% discount!

Here’s how I earn a commission and how you earn a discount:
Go to Knütes, place your order, and use the discount code TRAVELS&TRIPS when you check out. Voila! You get a 10% discount, and I get a 10% commission!

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    1. Kenda

      I’m beaming at your kind words, my friend. The feeling is quite mutual, because I know you and Davey are out there in the world bettering the lives of our next generation. Big love.

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