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Scott and Kenda’s Annual Photo Montage: Farewell 2017, HELLO there 2018!

Scott and Kenda’s Annual Photo Montage: Farewell 2017, HELLO there 2018!

Happy 2018!

Welcome to the Peppers’ 11th annual earth-happy New Year video card.

365 days
328 photos
(out of roughly 5000 photos taken this year)
6.5 minutes of spellbinding entertainment 😉
Foot-tapping music to pass the time.

Highlights include:

  • The World Naked Bike Ride of Victoria, Canada. No, we didn’t partake; we were accidental witnesses to this memorable phenomenon. There are some things one can never unsee.
  • An adventure to Southern France during a record-breaking heat wave.
  • Hanging with friends.
  • Lots of work on the house and garden including a new monarch waystation.
  • Snippets of Jacksonville life including Jacksonville’s First Annual Pollinator Appreciation Day (hosted by our awesome group of Pollinator Protectors), fall colors, and insects – lots and lots of insects. My affinity and appreciation for winged beings only grows deeper with each passing year.

And…check out our 1-minute kitchen remodel done almost entirely by Mr. Pepper with patching and painting help by moi and countertops by professionals (we do have some limits here). 


Poems, Dogs, paths, roads
Stella and the Road Less Traveled By

Read Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, in its entirety here.

Stella would like to add:
“Life is an adventure. Keep looking forward and only look back to make sure your favorite humans are with you. Also, make sure they have treats. And just be love.” 

Stay tuned for my next post – very exciting stuff – a review of my summer and fall raising and protecting monarch butterflies (with uber cool metamorphosis videos) and deets about how the Southern Oregon Monarch Advocates (SOMA) are one of the vital grassroots groups here working very hard to help recover the declining monarch population.

Let’s clap together for 2018!







    1. Kenda

      Thank you! How far are you from the city, Dianne? We were actually only there for a short time as we flew out of Vancouver to get to France (much cheaper flight). Happy new year and hope you enjoy your retirement! <3

      1. Dianne Park

        Not too far that we wouldn’t drive to Victoria to see you both and would so enjoyed having wonderful dialogue with you on so many issues. We are in Comox about 3 hours north but go to Victoria whenever we get an excuse.

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