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Addio 2020, Salve 2021!

Addio 2020, Salve 2021!

Goodbye, Arrivederci, and Addio 2020!

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year to remember…or to forget! We had countless opportunities to practice patience, tolerance, acceptance, and gratitude and to trust in science. We had the chance to care as much about our fellow community members as we did ourselves and our families because our lives were inextricably connected. We made sacrifices for the greater good. Not nearly like the sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation but with some similarities, particularly the need to come together as a global community to eradicate a common enemy. In this case, a virus. In the words of my Dad (RIP), the challenges of 2020 gave us character-building opportunities. Some folks maximized those opportunities. Did you? If not, there’s still time!

As we enter 2021, many of these same character-building opportunities remain despite our pandemic fatigue. Hang in there, because I think the real test is now. As we’re on the cusp of moving out of this crisis, stay in the game and keep taking care of your health while holding care in your heart for others in your community. Let’s create a present in which future historians claim how compassion, action, foresight, and science beat a deadly virus. Let’s make 2021 the year we continue to work together to solve this collective problem so that we can get back to living our lives fully.

So, Hello, Ciao, and Salve 2021!

This is our 14th Annual Photo Montage and pretty much sums up our year. It started with a lot of activity and visitors and then came to a screeching halt in March. I’m not a person who gets bored (tho I’m not opposed to the idea), so I kept myself as busy as ever. All three of us did okay – some days better than others. The nearly two months of lockdown were a little tough but we managed. Stella thrived given she spent every single minute of every single day of the pandemic with us. Besides renting a car and making a mad dash move to the town next door and zipping over to France so Scott could have a routine medical procedure, we didn’t go anywhere after February.

When the restrictions loosened up, we took walks and bike rides exploring our little section of the Ligurian coast. I grew a garden on the balcony and made some new insect friends. Our big news for 2020 was Ta-Da! We became grandparents! It was heartbreaking to not visit our new grandson, Jackson, yet we feel super fortunate to have the technology that kept us all connected. Jackson reminds me that the smile of a baby is the antidote for all worries.

2021 Wishes for Us All

My big goal for 2021 is to use any free time immersing myself in creative writing, so don’t be too surprised if I disappear this year. I have a bunch of creative projects I’d like to explore.

Enjoy the video and one another. If you can, use some of the extra time and space to reflect, tackle neglected projects, and dust off those old new year’s resolutions that have been patiently waiting for your attention. Also, if you’re able, donate to local organizations that provide food and shelter, because there are those among us who lost everything this year – loved ones, homes in fires or hurricanes, and jobs. Local businesses need help staying afloat too. Even if the business is unable to serve customers at this time, inquire about purchasing gift certificates for future use. A little support goes a long way. ?

Here’s wishing us all a better, brighter, lighter, happier, and healthier 2021.

My bud, Jason Mraz, sums up my 2021 hopes. I want you to have it all. Many thanks to Anna C. for sharing this with me. ?


    1. Sally! Grazie mille for watching and commenting. Yeah…what a year. Thank goodness for that adorable Baby Jackson who gave us all kinds of hope and an important reminder that life carries on even when it feels like we’re wading in knee-deep crap. Hope you two stay happy, healthy, and safe.

      Abbracci dall’Italia! ???

  1. Estelle

    Hi Kenda,
    Wow…what an adventure! I feel so happy for you, your husband and sweet Stella having such wonderful experiences traveling extensively through small intimate towns. Your photos and excitement gave me such hope to realize that yes…there is life after a trimal fracture. And to top that off…a new grandson! I just saw my doctor today for my six week post op and he was very pleased with my healing and x-rays. See him in another two weeks and if that goes well I start PT for six to eight weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be ready for spring.

    1. Ciao Estelle! Thank you for this sweet comment. ? Absolutely there’s life after a tri-mal! You’re already on your way after that great report from your doc! Well done. This is a major milestone. Did he give you any suggestions to start PT-type activities at home? In two weeks you hit another major milestone – approval for PT. Try to get as much of that as you can. I do believe PT was just as important as the ORIF to make me whole again.

      Things are looking up for you, and I’m so happy. Updates are always welcome!

  2. Nancy Cyr

    Whooo. What a year. Not boring. Not easy. But not without gifts, love, light, friends, sunset, dog kisses, ocean breezes, sunshine, delicious food (those tomatoes) and all the rest. Keep on keepin’ on. Love ya!

  3. Jane Devereaux

    HI Kenda! What a year! Although many people lost everything, something, or sadly, someone – it was a year still full of many blessings and you were able to share lots of them with us – so thank you! Congratulations on your baby grand – boy Jackson – what a beautiful baby and a treasured blessing! …little boys… so special. So nice to hear from you with this update and sharing your beautiful pictures – I have thought of you over the holidays and wish you a Happy New Year and a promising, peaceful and fulfilling 2021. Heartfully, Jane

    1. Ciao Jane! Thank you for your lovely message, friendship, and connection. You always know precisely what to say, and I’m grateful for you. I hope next year at this time, we can look back on 2021 having all had a better shared experience. Big hugs to you.?

  4. Sabrina

    Kenda! Il tuo video è stupendo! Mentre il mondo dormiva, nel tuo balcone nasceva un mondo nuovo e in America una nuova vita!
    Io e Sam siamo onorati di essere nel tuo video! Grazie amica.
    Buon anno 2021 a voi 3….con il sole nel cuore. ?

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